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Spring Clean in 8 steps

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

Doing some mental spring cleaning once in a while can only do us good. This allows us to free ourselves from the things that weigh us down to make room for positive things. Do this simple "cleansing" for the regeneration of your spirit!

1. Make yourself comfortable in a bed or in a chair. Start by closing your eyes. Focus on your inner sensations from head to toe. Focus on each part of your body, part by part. Notice and stay with your inner sensations, just observe them

2. Focus on your breathing. Breath in on a count to 4, hold your breath for 1 second and breath out on a count to 4. Continue to follow your breath like this for a few seconds

3. Keep your eyes closed and imagine your ideal home, the one that represents you. It is not a house that you know but really the house of your dreams. In this house there is an attic under the roof, where we pile up a lot of things… and there is also a box.

4. Imagine that you enter this house and go up to the attic where there is a window. Imagine opening this window and letting in fresh air and light so that this room is the most pleasant for you. Visualize finding the box and opening it. You will find lots of useless but also useful things there; people in your life, things you said, things you did and also things you experienced or things you were told.

5. When you open this box you will imagine that you are throwing away everything that you no longer want to keep, everything that no longer belongs to you, everything that does not belong to you. You throw it all in bags. There are no bag limits, anything that needs to go will go into these bags. What you want to keep will stay in the box.

6. When you have put everything in the bags, imagine that you take these bags outside your house. As soon as you put them down, these things will no longer be yours, someone will come and collect them and make them disappear forever.

7. Now imagine going back to the attic and rearranging and tidying up that space. Also store the box with the things you have decided to keep. And find a resource object that you will keep in the corner of your head.

8. After this tidying up and reorganizing you will notice the positive changes you want in your life. New things will start to fall into place. You can now open your eyes.

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