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Stress management and prevention in organizations 
Tailor-made training and support

Human beings do not react to what is happening in the present moment but we react to our perception of reality, therefore of the past. Past experiences are stored in our bodies and serve as a blueprint for how we respond to the outside world. Employees arrive at their workplace with their history and life experiences. Interventions that attempt to resolve stress-induced behaviors cannot exclusively be corrected through the use of traditional intervention techniques that rely on logical cognitive processing, because stress-related behavior is an illogical, instinctive response that is not under the control of the rational brain.


Innovative methods

Taking into account the body's reactions to stress is essential in the business world today. I use a combination of innovative techniques addressing both body and mind. Bodywork helps eliminate biochemical pollution that remains blocked in the body due to stress over time. Once this pollution is reduced, cognitive work begins, promoting creativity, innovation and productivity.

Tailor-made individual support

Tailored support that allows employees to obtain concrete and measurable results in their professional and personal lives.

Virtual workshops for groups
a practical approach

Conflict management

Stress management

How to overcome recurring professional challenges

Tailor-made training


Tailor-made training specifically developed to meet your needs and objectives

My approach

Work-related stress contributes to the loss of 550 million work days per year, and the World Health Organization estimates that this represents a $1 trillion loss in productivity each year. The real cost to the company can be much higher due to low productivity and departures of high-potential talent. 


I support managers and leaders in translating the destructive forces of professional burnout and stress into transformation and personal development. Stress and burn-out are the diseases of the 21st century. Today's world is global and complex. Navigating and excelling in today's corporate landscape is becoming increasingly difficult and many men and women are suffering from this increasing pressure. I support you using effective methods addressing both body and mind.  

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