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Miljana Pakic

“After the first TRE session guided by Marie Simonsen, I realized  that our body can help us find balance in our brain. I suffer from fybromialgia, and I avoid contact with my own body because of the often very intense chronic pain. The method that Marie proposed to me is a real discovery for me! Thank you Mary for your generosity!"

Manager in the hotel sector

“I highly recommend Marie Simonsen. After only three EMDR sessions I overcame traumatic events that occurred in my childhood. It allowed me to overcome my guilt and the negative feeling linked to these traumatic events. I can now put it all behind me and see what I learned from it.”

Senior executive, audiovisual

“I am so grateful that Ms. Simonsen allowed me to heal my past wounds in very few sessions, I didn't think it was possible. Ms. Simonsen uses a combination of brief therapy techniques that work very well. She also offered me techniques that I continue to practice on an individual basis which allows me to move forward now without her support, I highly recommend ”

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